Fall Class Schedule and Program Info

Fall 2018 – East Rochester & Greece    Classes run September 10 – November 16, 2018
All Together Now! (0 – 35mos) – $100
Tuesdays   9:30a – 10:10aEast Rochester
Thursdays   10:00a – 10:40aGreece

Chickadees (18 – 35mos) – $110
Tuesdays   5:45p – 6:30p…East Rochester
Fridays   9:30a – 10:15a…East Rochester

Robins (3y & 4y) – $130         *These classes run without parents.
Tuesdays   6:30p – 7:15p…East Rochester
Wednesdays   6:30p – 7:15p…Greece
Fridays   10:15a – 11:00a…East Rochester 

Click HERE to enroll for Fall 2018! Younger siblings of enrolled students will receive discounted tuition.

Financial Statement: Harmony Music School is an all-inclusive, community-based music school. We believe every child has the right to learn, regardless of financial situation. If your financial needs differ from the prices listed above, please contact Jennifer directly to discuss tuition options. Thank you.