A music education with MORE!

The Musikgarten curriculum is specifically designed to foster your child’s natural musical ability as they learn and grow, however Musikgarten’s unique approach to education provides your child with so much more than a path to music literacy. When you enroll your child in Musikgarten classes, you are presenting him/her…

  • a safe and fun yet structured space to socialize and engage in group/collaborative play through music- making
  • opportunities to explore his or her natural abilities by singing, dancing, listening, playing, imagining, and creating
  • an introduction to a structured, nurturing learning environment
  • an introduction to the pattern recognition skills important in pre-reading
  • a chance to include your whole family in your child’s music education
  • a fun place for you and your child to learn and grow together
  • an understanding of and appreciation for nature and animals
  • an understanding of and appreciation for other countries and cultures

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Meet Jennifer

IMG_8399Combining her love of music and nature with nearly a decade of experience as a music therapist, Jennifer is uniquely positioned to offer a multi-faceted music education program to support your child as he/she grows. Jennifer’s knowledge of child development and years of experience working in early intervention allow her to customize the Musikgarten curriculum to fit each child’s specific needs. By presenting her students with opportunities that match their abilities, Jennifer helps each child feel empowered in his/her education, confident in his/her abilities, and proud of his/her accomplishments.  Professionally, Jennifer performs locally as a vocalist and continues to work as a music therapist. Jennifer is also mom to two young children, ages three and five, both of whom attend Musikgarten classes!